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Our first women and girls coaching day

Our first coaching day, aimed specifically at women and girls has been a resounding success. Emma was joined by guest coaches Michele Reeves and Lois Peake - two players with a huge amount of coaching experience between them. Fourteen players, with an age range of 10-82, enjoyed developing their skills, which included the four basic strokes, footwork and movement, serve and receive and match play. Each player also enjoyed a multi ball session which focussed on a part of the game they wanted to improve.

Every player worked exceptionally hard throughout the day, and braved the slightly warm temperatures in the sports hall!

By the end of the day it was also great to see new friendships being formed, phone numbers being exchanged, and invites to attend each others club and recreational sessions.

This is what we need - more girls and women, regardless of age or ability, enjoying our great sport.

We hope to run another women and girls session later on in the year - and are open to suggestions as to where in the country we should hold it. Please contact us if you would like us to run a similar session at your venue.

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