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Coaching philosophy

Emma's coaching philosophy is centred around her core values, and many of these were instilled in her as a young player by her own coaches and her parents. Emma's values reflect what she believes to be important not only in coaching but also in life.

Those key values are:

  1. Positive relationships

  2. Positive attitudes

  3. Mutual respect

  4. Resilience

  5. Being challenged

  6. Setting a good example

  7. Enjoyment


Emma believes that building positive relationships with her players is absolutely vital. The relationships she form with players is the very core of every session. She take an interest in her players, finding out what makes them ‘tick’, their hopes and aspirations, whether they are playing for fun, for fitness or to be the best player they can be.


Emma's players can expect her to approach each session with a positive attitude. A positive attitude means you can anticipate good things will happen. She creates a positive environment in which all players feel secure and confident to achieve their best. From a young age Emma was taught to ‘win with grace, lose with dignity, and this is a value she continues to uphold not only when she coaches, but also when competing.


Emma believes resilience to be a key skill for every player. She tries to make her players better equipped to deal with stress and anxiety, and develop their abilities to think for themselves. Players with a strong resilience deal with setbacks better and see them as an opportunity to improve.


Emma sees setting a good example as one of the most important aspects of her coaching philosophy and she takes pride in being a positive role model for all the players she works with.


Finally, the core value of enjoyment underpins each session. Enjoyment is the reason we play table tennis. Emma will encourage all players to enjoy training and competing. 

If Emma sounds like she could be the right coach for you, use the contact button below to get in touch!

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