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A successful coaching afternoon!

A Saturday afternoon at the end of February saw 26 players descend on Gordano School sports hall for an afternoon of coaching from Emma and Michele Reeves. We saw a mix of abilities from beginners through to intermediate and local league players, as well as an age range from 12 years old up to over 80!

It was so lovely to meet new faces and be able to give coaching advice to the players, as well as offer advice on equipment and suitable bats.

Content for the afternoon included playing the basic strokes, generating spin, footwork and movement, serving and game play.

By the end of the afternoon, there were lots of smiling faces, with participants being able to take away tips on improving their techniques and tactics.

Feedback has been great, with comments such as...

"This was my first ever coaching session and I can only say for myself it was perfect."

"Commitment of Emma and Michele made this a thoroughly enjoyable day covering table tennis in detail and I was reminded of many different aspects."

"A thoroughly fun day, thank you. I took lots of tips and tricks away with me which I will now spend time practicing."

Planning has now started on our 2nd Women and girls coaching day this summer, as well as another mixed session later in the year.

If you would like to keep informed of these sessions when they become available, please do sign up for email updates.

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