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Club coaching sessions a success!

A few months ago, Emma was asked by Bristol Civil Service Table tennis Club to put together a plan for six coaching sessions for their members. A proposal was put together, along with content for the six sessions and offered to players at the club.

Twelve players ranging from the premier division to division six, including one beginner signed up.

The range of content covered was as follows:

Week 1 – footwork and movement

Week 2 – generating and dealing with spin

Week 3 – consistency

Week 4 – effective serving

Week 5 – receiving serve

Week 6 – 3rd ball attack and game play

Each session was 90 minutes long and ran for six consecutive weeks between June and July. Progressive drills were delivered for each activity, leading to some form of conditioned game towards the end of the session to embed technique players had focussed on during the session.

Emma thoroughly enjoyed delivering these sessions and was really impressed by everyone’s commitment and hard work to improve their table tennis. Even when the temperature reached uncomfortable levels, the work rate did not drop!

Feedback has been really positive, along with some really useful suggestions for any future sessions which may run.

If this is something you would like Emma to try at your club, please do get in touch!

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