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Emma wins the Midland Masters O50s event

Emma has added the O50s Midland Masters title to the National title she won in May. In a repeat of that National final, Emma faced good friend, club mate and fellow coach Michele Reeves. The first two games were one way traffic with Michele playing some excellent shots from both the backhand and forehand wings, winning these games 11-4, 11-4. The third game started much the same way as the first two, with Michele dominating the rallies and going into a 10-6 lead. Faced with four match points against her, Emma seemed to relax and started 'swinging' with a little more freedom. Emma managed to take the next 6 points in a row and surprisingly won the third game 12-10. Emma came out for the fourth game with a little more confidence and self-belief, taking the game 11-7. The deciding set was, as expected, a close battle, but with Emma's confidence building, she managed to take the fifth 11-8.

It's never easy playing against people you know so well, and those you have been playing against for years. However this just goes to show, you should never give up on a game or a match. When all looks destined to go against you, persevere. Chase every ball down. If you sense your confidence starting to grow, you can be assured that your opponent will be feeling the opposite!

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